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Are you getting turned down by your bank on financing for your home? Our private home equity loans may just be the solution you are looking for.

Our Private Lenders in Kitsilano can come through on hard mortgages.

Kitsilano Private Lenders that provide home mortgages aren’t really that much different than traditional home loans other than where the source of the funds are originating from.

The benefit for the loan provider is a greater return on their investment while the benefit for the borrower is a more reasonable requirement to qualify for your funds.

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24 Hr Approvals

Why do we stand above all the other private lenders?

  • Get answers in 24 hours. Swift, same day approvals.
  • Save time searching out lenders. We do all the legwork for you.
  • We are aligned with largest broker in Canada. Access our long lenders list.
  • Pre-approval (optional programs)
  • Strong success record. Results producing history in our industry.

You must be current homeowner.

Private mortgage investors or private lending bodies will have more flexible lending processes. They are never as stringent or lengthy as conventional banks. We can usually provide your private mortgage if you are a homeowner and you have remaining equity.

Our Private Lenders in Kitsilano may be the answer you are looking for.

Private lenders are not controlled the same way as banks. Private mortgage lenders to Kitsilano homeowners will look to serve your financial needs, regardless of your current personal financial circumstances.

For private lenders, it is about your equity and risk they consider to come through. Really much different than how the banks cater with their demanding requirements.

Our private lenders all write standard mortgages.

Our lenders all work through real estate lawyers and licensed mortgage agents negotiating contracts. They comply with standard mortgage guidelines.

If you have been rejected by your bank on financing your home, a Kitsilano private home equity loan may be your solution.

It’s not always about your credit history.

Your credit history, income or age does not necessarily work against qualifying for a loan. If you have a history of debt, you almost always get declined by the banks.

Private lenders who will invest in local Kitsilano properties are interested in helping you make it all work out in your favour.


Private mortgages are really very common, if you have never heard of this option. They are a financial arrangement between a private, individual lender who provides financing leveraged by the equity on your home.

This is a very common method of lending within families, friendships and personal relationships where profits are acquired from the interest returned.

Traditional lenders are not as flexible as private lenders who will be willing to work with borrowers for a variety of reasons. Those may include lower or poor credit scores or a history of missed payments.

Traditional lenders are never as flexible as private lenders who are more willing to work with you for a variety of reasons. Those can include lower or poor credit scores or a possible history of missed payments.

Private lenders are much easier to work with than through traditional banking institutions. They do not approve your loan based on your credit score or income. Loans are approved quickly based on the equity of your home. If you have sufficient equity in your home, you will get approved!

There are no requirements for private lenders in British Columbia to be licensed if writing no more than 10 mortgages per year. The BC mortgage industry is regulated by the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA).

There is an increased risk for lenders providing loans to those with lower credit scores or inconsistent income. The risk is reflected in interest rates that will be a little higher than through the banks.

Kitsilano Private Lenders might be the quickest path to securing your mortgage.

Loans available starting at $70k O.A.C.

What defines a private lender home equity loan?

A private equity loan is based on the available equity and market value of your home when requiring a new mortgage, refinancing an old mortgage or approving a second mortgage.

Kitsilano Private Mortgage Lenders provide alternative solutions through less stringent qualifying factors when banking institutions turn you away.  

5 Good Reasons You Should Connect With Us:

1) Need capital for starting your new Kitsilano business venture?

Start-up capital for a promising new business venture is often leveraged through a private home equity loan.

Many private lenders have gone down a similar path in lives. They may embrace your vision, see your numbers and show a lot more understanding than the banks.

If you are starting up a new business in Kitsilano and you need some equity based financing, reach out and get in touch with us.

2) A Kitsilano investment property caught your eye?

Our Kitsilano Private Lenders and investors are much more open-minded than financial institutions and flexible crunching your numbers on a rental property for generating additional income.

They discern opportunities for cash flow and actually are willing to work together with you for the mutual benefit achieved .

You don’t know if you don’t ask.

3) You sold your house and your dream house just popped on the Kitsilano market?

You just closed a solid offer on your house. Suddenly, the perfect home in an area you have always loved was just put up on the market.

Bridge loans are simply short-term solutions to leverage the equity of your home on the down payment of your new home when you have a firm purchase on the table.

Get your deal closed.

4) Are you self-employed and the banks all turning you down?

Challenging times often create new opportunities for those stepping into a life long-time dream of starting their own business.

We all know there are many advantages for the self-employed. Acquiring mortgages is not always one of them.

Kitsilano Private Lenders can provide you with creative solutions if you are self-employed.

If you run your own business and need funding or a mortgage, reach out to us.

Let’s see what our private lenders may have to offer .

5) Bad credit, bankruptcies or low credit scores?

Sometimes, life happens. Bad credit, bankruptcies or low credit scores can take a toll on anyone.

If you have had severe credit issues and are challenged proving your income, our private lenders may be a good fit and option worth looking at.

Our lenders invest in Kitsilano, Greektown Vancouver, Arbutus Ridge, West Point Grey, Fairview, West End, Granville, Yaletown and the Vancouver.

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